Hakko Hot Air Blower
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Hakko Hot Air Generator and Blower,

HAP series

  Excellent durability with superior heat elements of stainless steel sheath heater.

o Wattage: 3kW - 40kW
o Max air blow temperature: 350 degrees C

HAS series

  Suitable for kit- in as a component of other machine, without controller.
and electric device

o Wattage: 3kW - 40kW
o Maximum air temperature: 350 degrees C

Far-infrared rays conveyer furnace

   Clean & less pollution furnace.

o Wattage: 7.6kW - 44.3kW
o Conveyer width: 540mm - 940mm
o Furnace length: 1240mm - 5820mm

  Custom-made furnaces are here.

Hakko Hot Air Generator Blower Model Slection: HAP2031F, HAP2051F, HAP2076F, HAP2081F, HAP2101F, HAP2151F, HAP2201F, HAP2301, HAP2402, HAP2031, HAP2051, HAP2076, HAP2081, HAP2101, HAP2151, HAP2201, HAP2301, HAP2402, HAP2051T, HAP2101T, HAP2151HF, HAP2201HF, HAP2301HF, HAP2402HF, HAP2600F, HAP2800F, HAP2151H, HAP2201H, HAP2301H, HAP2402H, HAP2052T, HAP2102T, HAS2031, HAS2051, HAS2076, HAS2081, HAS2101, HAS2151H, HAS2201H, HAS2301H, HAS2402H, HAP3050, HAP3100, HAP4020, HAP4030, HAP4530, HAP4550, HAS4020, HAS4030, HAS4531, HAS4551, HAP1112, HBC400, HAS4000

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