Top 4️⃣ Ways Robotics Is Changing the Food Industry 🥐🍞🦾
Top 4️⃣ Ways Robotics Is Changing the Food Industry 🥐🍞🦾

1. Robotics in Agriculture 🤖

Robotic applications include planting, identifying and sorting seedlings. There are also autonomous tractors, weeding robots and harvesting robots.
2. Robotics in Food Manufacture 🤖
Autonomous food manufacture may be the key to tackling the rising food demand. Robotics applications tend to be better suited to secondary processing, as the food is more standardized by then. However, we are starting to see more primary processing robots.
3. Robotics in Food Packaging 🤖
Food packaging robots have been incorporated into parts of the food supply chain for some time. However, the latest development is that the entire packaging process can be automated.
4. Robotics in Food Delivery 🤖
Robotic food delivery has been getting a lot of press recently. Over the last couple of years, there has been a huge spike in demand for restaurant quality, home-delivered, ready-to-eat food.
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Published : 28-Apr-2021

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